Meet the Baltimore Piranhas

Piranha Gore

Gore Bolton is the Piranha that is always chasing new opportunities and innovative ideas. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in engineering and land development who has started and expended companies throughout his career. He brings extraordinary passion and excitement for the opportunity to chew on the next big idea presented in our Piranha Tank!

Piranha Wanda

There is no staffing challenge this woman can’t solve. For almost 30 years, she has been providing quality staffing solutions for clients all throughout the Baltimore area and beyond. She believes in providing ethical and cost effective solutions for employers and qualified candidates alike. Wanda holds a unique perspective on the ever-changing staffing industry after being a part of the business for over twenty years. She is constantly researching the professional world so her clients can learn how to effectively represent themselves as excellent candidates for any job market.

Piranha Jennifer

Watch out for this recovering engineer, reformed consultant, and refugee from BigLaw turned vicious Piranha! Jennifer Rohleder, JD is passionate about empowering sustainable businesses, and has been instrumental in navigating complex environmental, energy, and regulatory matters. Her sharp legal and business acumen mean she can easily sniff out risks and carve through a weak business plan, so be ready!

Baltimore Piranhas put innovation and capital to work to serve profit, people and planet in Maryland.

Piranhas are committed to making Maryland a worldwide example in triple bottom line investing, by rapidly developing innovative and practical ideas, and matching them with the capital necessary to deploy them effectively. DC Piranhas seek to bring together the business and environmental communities, instead of pitting them against one another, delivering real, measurable results that respect the Piranha Bottom Line.

Get Funded, Baltimore!

These fish never stop swimming and deals are still being negotiated every day—show or no show. If you have an idea to serve profit, people and planet, apply today and claim your part of the action.

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