The Piranha Tank is seeking city-specific Coaches to guide our Entrepreneur Contestants as they prepare to make their life-changing pitches in the Piranha Tank. If you have expertise in business, finance, or marketing and would enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs in your city, then consider joining the Piranha Tank Coaching Team.

Reach new audiences and create lasting business relationships!

Being a coach is one of the many types of sponsorship packages that we offer. In exchange for receiving recognition as a Piranha Tank Coach in your city, among other marketing and networking benefits, Coaches provide free guidance directly to the Entrepreneur Contestants.

How It Works:

A Coaching Team is assigned to each Entrepreneur Contestant, ideally comprised of one of each type of Coach (Business, Finance, and Marketing). The Coaching Team will schedule and conduct up to four (4) conference calls and/or in-person meetings with their assigned Entrepreneur Contestant prior to the Piranha Tank show. Coaching sessions are typically held once a week, and topics include two main categories:

  • Busines, Finance, and Marketing (as appropriate to the Coach’s expertise) relative to the Entrepreneur Contestant’s business to be pitched (i.e., how to improve in these areas); and
  • Guidance regarding the content and delivery of the pitch presentation (i.e., how to be “TV ready”).