Invest in profit-people-planet.

Investing in innovation is a thrilling way to change the future of business. Independent businesses create environments where smart growth, innovation, community, and planet-friendly practices can thrive. But investing in small businesses can be risky for a lone investor. Together, the Piranhas find entrepreneurs, inventions, and ideas that promise solutions: solutions in all major sectors, solutions that are from and for your area, and solutions that ferociously chew up business problems.

We handpick a school of local investors for each metropolitan area. At the Friday “Fish Fry” you’ll review applicants as a panel, assessing the best investments for your capital and Piranha Tank’s Profit-People-Planet goals.

Piranha Investors are hungry for big ideas with wide-reaching impact, tackling challenges with streamlined teamwork.

This collaborative investment environment offers:

  • Anonymity to explore and assess opportunities
  • Vast experience to raise your investment profile
  • Education from other piranhas in different sectors
  • Power of collective knowledge, experience, and capital


Are you ready to dive in? Become a Piranha Investor today!