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Meet the Washington DC Piranhas

Piranha Nicholas

Nicholas Jordan is all about overcoming small business challenges and driving real growth for entrepreneurs, especially MBEs. His ability to take ideas from the possible to “the real” levels the playing field, creates opportunity and drives the kind of innovation that sustains progress.

Piranha Kwesi

Kwesi Robotham traded in his management consulting career to achieve financial literacy and help others to do the same. He provides solutions for small business owners and individuals, delivering a pathway to achieving their life goals. Kwesi is passionate about assisting entrepreneurs unlock the combination to who they are meant to be by helping source their capital needs.

Piranha Chad

Chad MacDonald sees opportunity where others see challenge. He invests in people, processes, and technology that re-imagine and enable disruptive products, services, and solutions that drive digital democratization. Do you possess key necessary traits of vision, ambition, intelligence, as well as the passion and commitment to win? Bring it.

Piranha Larry

Larry Bank knows what it takes to bring a dream to reality. He started his first company at the young age of 27 and has since merged to become one of the world's leading commercial real estate advisory firms, servicing high-profile clients such as Facebook and Citigroup. As a Piranha Investor, he sees the value in collaboration and has the experience to know a good deal when he sees it.

Piranha Wyatt

Wyatt Grantham is putting his financial and negotiation background to work as a Piranha Investor. He provides solutions for small business owners and individuals, delivering a pathway to achieving their life goals.

Piranha Josh

Joshua Stacy, self-proclaimed Chief Master Badass, runs a successful internet marketing firm. He is skilled in taking simple ideas with minimum investment and turning them into profitable ventures. As a Piranha investor, he is looking forward to using his money and expertise to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Piranha David

David Simon is a successful entrepreneur and business leader who has run his own company, consulted for organizations, and led operations for both large and small companies domestically and internationally.

Piranha Randall

VP, Washington DC ArchAngels It is an invitation only group of high value and active investors who are seeking the best deals available. We meet monthly and have successfully found investors for many presenters. Our presenters come from all over, including Canada, California and midwestern states, as well as the Washington area.

Washington DC Piranhas put innovation and capital to work to serve profit, people and planet in the DC Region.

Piranhas are committed to making the Washington, DC Metro region a worldwide example in triple bottom line investing, by rapidly developing innovative and practical ideas, and matching them with the capital necessary to deploy them effectively. DC Piranhas seek to bring together the business and environmental communities, instead of pitting them against one another, delivering real, measurable results that respect the Piranha Bottom Line.

Get Funded, DC!

These fish never stop swimming and deals are still being negotiated every day—show or no show. If you have an idea to serve profit, people and planet, apply today and claim your part of the action.

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