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Piranhas are streaming progress across the country… We’re setting an example for triple bottom line investing by locating and rapidly developing local ideas that can change American business to be sustainable: for profit, for people, and for the planet. Help us prove that the business and environmental communities can work together on innovative and practical ideas, and benefit together!

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We’re looking for the freshest entrepreneurs, inventors, business people, and innovators; we’ll connect the best ideas with investors who can fund immediate growth. Whether you’re just in the idea phase, or an established entrepreneur looking for financial backing to reach your next level of success, get on the Reality Show that funds entrepreneurs in 30 minutes! Apply, and then learn how to prepare your perfect pitch.

The Piranhas never stop swimming and deals are still being negotiated every day—show or no show. If you have an idea to serve profit, people and planet, apply today and claim your part of the action.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants may be invited to participate in event/show, but may also be selected for funding without being on the air. Private pitching is available if you are camera shy.

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We need leaders in Los Angeles to support this sea change in American business—back main street and make it mainstream. We need investors, local leaders, and celebrities with vision. If you’re a big idea fish, come swim with us! We’ll chew up challenges to sustainable business together.




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