• How do we create a world where profit and planet are in harmony?
  • Can we create capitalistic rewards to entice and incentivize what’s good for the earth?
  • How do we create sustainable businesses for a sustainable planet, with sustainable capital?

Piranha Tank sniffs out the entrepreneurs, inventors, business people, and innovators with the best ideas, and connects them with investors who can fund immediate growth.

Our thought leaders travel the country, creating events and shows that inspire a new generation of sustainable business. Whether you’re just in the idea phase, or an established entrepreneur looking for financial backing to reach your next level of success, Piranha Tank wants to meet you. Find Piranhas in your Waters.

We are investors first and promoters second. Applicants do not have to air their pitches to get funding. Apply now.

Join us as we capitalize on emerging technology, innovation, teamwork, and investment to generate real solutions to real problems. We believe that the world leader must also be a leader in sustainable business models. Our partnership program focuses on competition to raise money for commercially-viable solutions that work together.

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How is a Piranha different?

Piranhas attack in social collaboration, like a cross between a pack of wolves and a colony of industrious ants. And as freshwater fish, they are aware of environmental impact, like the 80 percent of the humans on this planet who live in watersheds. These social, environmentally-aware workers symbolize what we want to see in sustainable, profitable new business — across all market sectors. We want to see local impacts, with swift, aggressive, and impactful results, while working collaboratively to tear apart problems. After all, grass roots flourish at the rivers’ edges.

Be a Piranha!

Are you an investor, business, or community leader or celebrity who believes that profit can coexist with care of people and planet? Come swim with a movement that has meaning and cause. National organizers will chum your local waters for a funding frenzy, and you’ll have the first chance to take a bite. Show the world that your city is on the leading edge of the wave of sustainable business, become a Piranha.

If you don’t need Piranha-level investment ideas, you can still be associated with the brand that is revolutionizing entrepreneurial solutions by becoming a sponsor. Promote profitable companies that benefit people and the planet.


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