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Not all great ideas are born in New York City or Silicon Valley. Piranha Tank travels the country looking for entrepreneurs who are changing the face of American business. We chum the local fresh waters to bring out the entrepreneurs, inventors, business people, and innovators with the best ideas, and connect them with investors who can fund immediate growth.

Whether you’re just in the idea phase, or an established entrepreneur looking for financial backing to reach your next level of success, Piranha Tank wants to meet you.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants may be invited to participate in event/show, but may also be selected for funding without being on the air. Private pitching is available if you are camera shy.

Apply, and then learn how to prepare your perfect pitch.

COMMUNITY LEADERS: Bring the Piranhas to You

Do you have vision and ambition for your city?

If your city isn’t listed yet, don’t worry. Piranha Tank is specifically designed to drive growth in local businesses and identify entrepreneurs who have ideas that support the PROFIT-PEOPLE-PLANET ideal. LEAD YOUR COMMUNITY'S GROWTH by bringing Piranha Tank to your city, and we’ll be casting our net in your local waters soon.

INVESTORS: Be a Local Piranha

Are you an investor looking for great ideas?

Our school is always growing. As Piranha Tank events spread throughout the country, more Piranhas will be needed to support this sea change in American business—back to main street and main stream. We need investors, local leaders, and celebrities with vision. If you’re a big idea fish, come swim with us: BE A PIRANHA.



Can your experience and expertise help change our entrepreneurs' lives?

Coaches are needed to mentor our participants with financial, marketing, and general business guidance before their life-changing pitches. Help our Piranha Tank participants become very strong swimmers before they jump into the Piranha Tank. In exchange for sponsorship benefits, Coaches will provide in-kind services directly to participants. Interested? BE A COACH in your city.

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